How to Increase Donations from Individual Contributions

While arts organizations used to rely on large institutional funders, namely corporations and governments, to meet fundraising targets, there has been a recent shift toward individual contributions. 

To increase donations and cultivate new funnels for individual donors, organizations have leveraged patron data within Spektrix's CRM to create targeted fundraising campaigns, and convert new ticket buyers into donors. 

Chapter 2 of the 2019 Spektrix Insights Report provides organizations with benchmarks to compare their average donation conversion rate and the efficacy of their online donation campaigns. Explore how high-performing arts organizations constructed fundraising campaigns that:

  • Increased online donation rates through add-ons at check-out
  • Trained and leveraged customer-facing teams to ask for donations from ticket buyers at the box office
  • Expanded average donation size through the strategic use of staff across sales channels  

Discover how arts organizations converted new ticket buyers into donors and increased fundraising revenue.

Download Chapter 2 of the 2019 Insights Report